4-Dec-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
I will be coming to Springfield on Thursday so it would be great to pick up then if you have one available. Thanks!
29-Nov-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Don't need anything big but I'm a Santa all year long and work rebuilding broken toys for delivery to youngsters for Christmas. Just finished one that would have been easier with a torch...
29-Nov-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Me again... Also could use forge parts (like a fire pot) or bricks and an anvil or railroad track pieces. Santa doing his thing... Thank you.
15-Nov-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Friends of ours are in need of large area rugs. Smaller ones would be OK too but primarily need large ones that can cover whole rooms. Thanks in advance.
10-Nov-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a high chair for a single mom. She has a one year old, a three year old and another on the way. She just moved here three days ago, so she is broke. I'm looking to help her in any way I can, if anyone has a high chair they are no longer using, please let me know. Thank you
19-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of newspaper for bird cages. Will pick up anywhere in Springfield. Thanks
12-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Hello! I've been looking around for ages for a new computer desk, as my small corner desk just isn't working and is too small for my computer and I need more storage. Ideally a desk that has shelves, or a small hutch/cabinets would be awesome but I won't turn down a bigger desk of any kind I can pick up anywhere in Springfield or closeby.
12-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Hello, we moved into a new apartment and although we have closets it's just not enough room to store all of our clothing and as such we are pretty much keeping all of our laundry in baskets/totes. - we've even downsized in an effort to make more room, and make it easier to store our clothes but it's not enough. We need approximately 2 dressers in order to have enough room for all of our clothes...
12-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Planning on moving in a few months. Looking for boxes so I can start packing some stuff.
12-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
needing chandeliers to add more light in my building. Prefer 5 bulb type but will consider others. Broken or missing globes not a concern. The only requirement is the bulbs mount vertically. I will be in Springfield Thursday
12-Oct-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
Do you get newspapers and throw out the ads/inserts? Do you use only some of them? I'll take any of them you don't want or won't use!
24-Aug-2018Springfield, MO+14 milesItems Wanted
trying to get back in shape after a LONG illness and am looking for exercise equipment of any kind
My job is on the line. If I don't find someone asap. so here's my situation: I'm a married mom with 3 babies in my house. I need help with my kids and housework. My husband and I both work outside the home, so I will need someones with my kids. Here's what I'm offering: Offering a private bedroom and shared bathroom to a female for help with my house and kids, your food will be provided. So pre...