george carver-boy scientist-copyright-1944$50(Ozark, MO)

george carver- boy scientist-by augusta stevenson -copyright-1944-book is in good shape it's got the old look ,,202 pages printed in the united states of america,,the cornwall press,inc,cornwall,n.y.and it's the first edition,it'was dedicated to rackham holt master biographer of george washington carver-----contents---chapter 1night riders page13-II-insects,weeds,and a lizard,page28...III-the plant doctor,page41---IVstrawberries,school,speller, george saved his friend,page69,...VI..strange things had happened,,'s frist school, go to kansas,page.103.IX. the little wanderer,page112......X tucks,pleats and ruffles, 121.....XI.artist george carver,..page132-..XII..could it be rosie?,page.142...XIII.discoveries..page157.....XIV...the graduating class,page164 ..XV..professor george pictures sorry.i take